In light of the coronavirus, are you still providing tours?

Yes! We provide private tours, (for your own group only).

What precautions are you taking in light of the coronavirus?

Tukit Tour Co. is committed to the highest level of cleanliness and sanitation during the Covid-19 outbreak.

  • All our tours are privately held among your own group, which protects you from the large group concern.
  • The Tuks are sanitized and wiped down between each tour.
  • Tukit Headquarters and Visitors Center Booth are disinfected frequently.
  • Masks are worn as requested.
How many people can fit in a Tuk?

Six full capacity or four very comfortably.

Do I have to ride back to my starting point at the end of the tour or can I be dropped off downtown?

Absolutely! The choice is yours whether you want a ride back to your starting point or be dropped off downtown. Just remember that the driver has another tour after yours and must be on time for it.

Will rain cancel our tour?

No, rain or shine we ROLL!

Do you have umbrellas for when it is raining?

Each Tuk is equipped with two large umbrellas to keep you dry. The driver will hand you one as soon as you get out so you can quickly move inside.

Will we get wet in the Tuk if it rains?

We have rain guards that slip on quickly and snap down. If the driver thinks it may rain he may put them on as a precaution, but they still have a zipper on each side to leave open if not raining.

Are the Tuks Heated?

Our Tuks have heated seats that will be turned on per your request. The seats can get quite warm, so you are also welcome to bring a blanket to sit on, (or to cover with), since due to COVID-19 we do not typically now provide a blanket.

Can I see inside the Tuk at night?

Absolutely, we have LED lights in each Tuk that will change colors as the driver controls them.

Is there music on the Tuks?

We have a bluetooth speaker on the Tuks for music.

When driving in the Tuk is it loud?

There is no engine noise and you can have a conversation just like you are at the dinner table.

Are children allowed in a Tuk?

Yes, but they must be at least 40lbs and must always wear their seat belt.

Do adults have to wear their seat belt?

It is recommended, but not mandatory.

Can I get kicked off the tour?

If our driver feels that someone is being unruly and disruptive and could endanger themselves or someone around them, that person will be asked to leave.

Can I bring my dog or animal?

Dogs, 12 lbs or under and service dogs are allowed. They need to be secure in some way to prevent falling or jumping out of the open air vehicle. Let’s keep them safe!

Can I bring an open container of alcohol or smoke in the vehicle?

No alcohol or smoking allowed in the vehicle, but it is always a short ride to your next stop.



Can I request a custom tour? Yes! Just contact us